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Biological Products
Biological Products

Vaccines, vaccine, diagnostic reagents, genetic engineering products and others.
1.Rabies vaccine:Lyophilized rabies vaccine for humans (Diploid cells)
The rabies vaccine has the characteristics of little side effect, highest immune effect and safety.
known as the "gold standard" by WHO, the rabies vaccine has very brand potential market.

2.Influenza vaccine:(QIV)
QIV is further purified from the lysed vaccine. It is safe and widely available.

Live attenuated rotavirus vaccine: Rotavirus vaccine strain RV3-BB(G3P[7])
Vaccine RV3-BB has high security and is the only vaccine currently available for neonatal use.

HPV vaccine:Human Papillomavirus Tetravalent Vaccine, Recombinant
This project uses the prokaryotic expression system of escherichia coli to produce HPV L1 protein, which can reduce the cost of industrialization and production cycle.

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